Functional Reporting

Chancellor Green outlined enrollment goals of increasing student success. This requires careful outreach and knowledge of student movement throughout the semester. The following dashboards are designed to provide lists for outreach, intervention and planning.

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Huskerscan is an application that tracks attendance at events that promote student success and has can print nametags. This application is designed for campus units that need to track student participation. The report provides attendance by event and includes contact and current student information.

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Custom Reports

Many times, units have regular requests for student data. These ‘dashboards’ provide student level information and are customized to the unit, providing functional reporting to help with operations.

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MyPLAN Reports

MyPLAN is the platform that houses all student support data to include advising, support units, career services and any interventions. MyPLAN reports allow administrators to track activity within their individual units.

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Academic Status Reports

Advising leaders can access reports to support students on poor academic standing. This includes reports for term academic standing, students with probation holds and related messaging.

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